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                                   At first the idea of a track pant as a new trend seemed weird but then it sounded nice after the new ways of wearing it.This year we gonna see multiple ways of wearing a track pant and the most famous is to pair them with the same shirt (tracksuit) and wear it with your heels.Strange isn't it?But wait until you see how it-girls and celebrities wears them.Scroll down to find inspiration and to buy the most beautiful track pant.Do you like it?
Chiara Ferragni loves track pants to her every day outfit and she knows exactly how to pair them.She is wearing ther colorful track pant with a basic white crop top but then she pairs it with a pair of ankle boots for  a more fancy but yet comfy outfit.
Bella Hadid
Bella Hadid on the other hand paired her colorful track pant with a black bandeau top again and the same jacket to make a more sporty look and then she wore her boots and sunglasses as she arrived at the airport.
Selena Gomez 
Selena Gomez thogh wore her tracksuit with a pair of sandals with heels for a more feminism look at the airport.
Then you can wear your track pants with your rock t-shirt and your heels for a more fashionable look.
Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner arrived in the airport in a red tracksuit with nude heels and a bag.
I don't think there is a better way to wear your track pant than with your emboidered bomber jacket and your heels.
Last but by no means least buy a total pink outfit as Gigi Hadid did and pair it with your sneakers it will look so chic we promise.
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